Jaclyn Swedberg Gets On All Fours for 138 Water

By Lex December 17, 2013 @ 1:40 PM

Jaclyn Swedberg Poses In A Bikini For A 138 Water Commercial Photoshoot
I thought NSA bulk data collection helped to rid the planet of these 138 Water interplanetary soul suckers, but apparently, we traded liberty for zero security as these bastards continue to probe the anii of our domestic lady folk. When the war is over and there’s nothing left but the vendetta trials, girls like Jaclyn Swedberg will claim ignorance to their role in the invasion. We will believe them, because test results will confirm their ignorance, but also because we think we have an outside chance of sleeping with them. That’s the most sinister part about this.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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    OneOff 12/17/2013 16:31

    You know what? This is it. I’ve had it. Like many before me, I’ve registered for the first time just to post a comment. I’ve been reading this site for years. I suffered through Brendon’s meltdown because hey, dude was funny. I don’t even give a crap about celebrities. I kept coming here out of habit, despite the frankly catastrophic writing abilities of some of the new staff and the consistent, complete and utter lack of humour now displayed here. Why? Habit, I guess. A hope things might go back to how they had been. In much the same way as a couple too used up and weary to divorce keeps dragging on their existence even though they know it’s slowly poisoning their life because neither one has the strength to call it quits, I kept coming here. Also because hey, breasts are nice.

    But you know what? Sod it. I’m calling it quits. Your constant, frankly embarrassing shilling of this non-product, 138 water, is the straw that’s finally broken the camel’s back. I’ve already installed AdBlock to counter the frankly vomit-inducing amount of ads you’ve got on here, to ensure I never give you a single penny’s worth of revenue with an accidental click, but this is it. Since you’ve now apparently become a website who’s in the business of literally posting advertising content disguised as a legitimate story because YOU’RE WILLING TO PROSTITUTE YOUR OWN “CREATIVE” WRITING FOR MONEY, you and the entirety of SpinMedia can go bugger yourselves with a rake. I know this post will probably be deleted by some angsty writer who can’t handle the criticism informing them that they are awful, but so be it.

    I’ll be one of the minority who drifted away having actually bothered to explain why. Hopefully someone will take this feedback to heart, although they’ll most likely knee-jerk-delete it. I won’t be one of the vast, vast majority who just upped sticks and never came back, as the catastrophic nosedive this site’s traffic hits have taken since this time last year clearly shows.

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