Corey Knowlton Really Wants to Kill a Black Rhino

By Lex January 15, 2014 @ 4:54 PM

Corey Knowlton Poses With His Kills
Corey Knowlton is a conservationist. You can tell by checking out all his photos of ibexes and gnus and rams and bears and other Disney Lion King animals he’s shot and killed and porn-posed around his body for photographs. In fact, Corey’s self-described as having ‘taken’ more than 120 species. I can’t even name that many species. I’m guessing he probably includes human male and human female as two separate listings. Always in search of new notch on the species counter, Corey Knowlton just bought himself a $350,000 permit to kill an endangered black rhino from the Namibian government. I didn’t even know you could buy permits to kill endangered animals, but then I always circumscribe my eBay searches with Under $50. The Namibians selling the permit claim they need the kill contract money to to fund efforts to save the black rhinos. I’m certain they don’t run lots of logic trees out there in Namibia. When people found out about Corey’s plans to go kill one of God’s one-horned wonders, they went all PETA crazy on Corey, who responded with some random blather:

Thank you all for your comments about conservation and the current situation regarding the Black Rhino. I am considering all sides and concerns involved in this unique situation. Please don’t rush to judgment with emotionally driven criticism towards individuals on either sides of this issue. I deeply care about all of the inhabitants of this planet and I am looking forward to more educated discussion regarding the ongoing conservation effort for the Black Rhino.

I’ve read that now a couple times and I’m pretty sure it means, ‘I’m going to murder the shit out of that Black Rhino. Wait for pictures of me caressing his bloody horn, you pussies.’

Everybody on the kill side is asking for calm and pointing out that the Black Rhino who drew the short straw is a post-breeding age bull. I guess the Black Rhino world is like the porn industry. When Ron Jeremy can no longer get his dong up, you can bet they’re going to chase him down Reseda Blvd. with a Remington. I’d actually pay for that permit.

Photo Credit: Corey Knowlton

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    areyoueffingserious 01/15/2014 17:34

    Who the eff is this guy and why should we care? WHERE ARE THE BOOBS? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!?!?

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    Milto 01/15/2014 19:54

    All the worthless sack of crap people running around this world, and this dude’s gunning for a rhino. I hope that rhino comes back from the dead long enough to ram it’s horn up the great hunter’s ass while it’s being posed for the trophy photo.

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    rdd 01/15/2014 21:19

    This ‘man’ probably has a 2 inch erect penis and is trying, but failing, to show women that he’s a man. Of course, i mean a man by going out and shooting animals from far away or in a safe place. He’s a real man, yeah?

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    Mud Nugget 01/15/2014 23:34

    My WISH is for a mugger to shoot him dead and post a selfie of both of them online.

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    TitsAreNice 01/16/2014 10:05

    Kill this fŭcking fàggot.

    I’m looking at you, Ted Nugent.

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    ALcapitalist 01/19/2014 19:50

    What I have read states that older male rhinos who are no longer viable for breeding sometimes go nuts and fight, runoff and wound or kill the younger males who are trying to breed with females. These are the males that are selected for these hunts. Makes since to me. It amazes me how many people have strong opinions but are too lazy to rsearch these issues…no, all I haveto do is look around and it makes perfect sense.

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    LrgeGunSmallDick 03/26/2015 19:43

    Clearly This guy was not breast fed from his momma and thinks being a man is killing an animal from a long distance with a high powered laser scope rifle-you know the kind that a two year old could successfully use. Yes it take big brains and a lot of testosterone to kill an innocent, magnificent, sentient being. The only thing he will go down in history for is his rape and desecration of this planet. His children should be very proud.
    And for you ALcapitalist, it takes one article for you to be an expert…really? Try studying these animals for decades, understanding their habits and conservation as the people opposed to this have done, then we would respect your opinion. The average intelligence of a person in the US is 95. Clearly you are a fine example of this demographic…nice, really nice.

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