Taylor Momsen Has an Ass On Her

By Lex January 22, 2014 @ 3:33 PM

Taylor Momsen Shows Her Butt For The Album Art For 'Going To Hell'

You may recall that Taylor Momsen quit that show you never watched to make music you never listen to. And now it’s time to pay some damn attention to her, because you can see her ass on the album art for Going to Hell, her provocative new album. Provocative sounds like something you say about an album when it sucks. I know whenever they use it to describe women’s fashion, it’s always ugly. Provocative books are almost always a let down. And provocative women will ironically not go all the way on a first date. So I’m told. I’ve never actually dated higher than mildly comely.

Photo Credit: Taylor Momsen/Twitter

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    Hop 01/22/2014 15:50

    Cindy Lou Who….you’ve changed.

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    DrainBammage 01/22/2014 17:31

    No idea who she is except we were supposed to care since she was jailbait and liked to show her taped nips.
    Now she’s moving to ass shots. Good. Good.
    Maybe some Purple magazine bush and t1ts by next winter and by 2015 we can see her in a ‘stolen’ sex tape getting fisted ‘quenelle’ style …Thats up to the shoulder for those that dont keep up with european politics or sodomite gymnastics (I think thats what they call BJJ also.)

    Hop makes me wonder if I should care who she is? Did she star in the Grinch movie? Hmm…maybe she’ll decide to do like the little girl from The Nanny last seen riding and punching David Duchovny.
    These human interest stories are always worthwhile….

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    Mud Nugget 01/22/2014 18:25

    We’re talking a loud fart there…

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    Ted Stickles 01/22/2014 18:55

    She can cart in my face

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