Amanda Cerny in A Bikini Selling Body Snatching Water

By Lex February 14, 2014 @ 5:42 PM

Amanda Cerny Poses In A Red Bikini For A Valentine Photo Shoot In Los Angeles
When the alien invasion occurs, you’ll feel pretty fucking stupid for being up-to-date on your cable bill. You easily could’ve skated. Just knowing it’s coming shortly, I’d go ahead and get some less fetching girls pregnant. Why not. The inter-dimensional demon water company St. Valentine’s milestones is a sign of the pending doom. Who knows if it will come from the skies or the sea botom like in that retarded Pacific Rim tale, but just know it’s coming. The writing is on the wall, literally, it’s right fucking there. It says, we’re coming for your masturbation-worthy women. Then this planet will truly go dark.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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    Ernst Stavro Blofeld 02/14/2014 20:56

    This might be the most disproportionate face-to-body hotness ratio I’ve even seen on this site. This girl is the one that brags to her high school friends about being a model, even though they all know she was never pretty or facially striking enough to be a real model who appears in legitimate publications. She’ll toil away in stuff like this (water ads, low-budget, cheap lingerie catalogs, biker mags, fitness rags) until she hits that wall and has to move on to whoring around Beverly Hills, hoping to land an old rich guy for ten years and a day who she can rock so hard in bed that he doesn’t remember to get a prenup. As the sistas say, “you go, gurl”.

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    govunupan 02/15/2014 12:47

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    Jakehixenbaugh 02/18/2014 04:57

    Ur gonna say this girl is ugly and ur wife probably looks like a fat cow it’s people like you who come on sites n talk down about females and other people cause there angry with there low paying job and woman who looks like an obese man

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