Lena Dunham Can’t Seem to Get It Right

By Michael March 11, 2014 @ 12:38 PM

Lumpy Loch Ness monster Lena Dunham is at it again when she made a child rape joke after her SNL appearance. It all started when the tatted manatee appeared on SNL, you guessed it, naked. The bit was meant to make fun of criticism that Dunham is unnecessarily nude on Girls. When someone on Twitter asked her what we are all thinking, “Why are you naked all the time” she responded by Tweeting,

“Please tell that to my uncle, mister. He’s been making me!”

Child molestation is hilarious! The Internet jumped down her throat, because everybody on the Internet is right. Dunham apologized profusely and said she didn’t mean any disrespect to people who had been fiddled by their uncles. The fact is, for somebody who pretends not to care what people think about her, Lena Duham cares a shitload. She’s not writing tons of horrific sex scenes for herself because she’s indifferent to public notice. That’s exactly why she is doing it. And why she and her New York inflated minions become so aggressively hostile when her ‘indifference’ is questioned. She’s the most sensitive person in the world, you know, underneath that thick protective layer of comfort food.

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    aandm12 03/11/2014 14:11

    Proving once more that you can put lipstick on a pig, and you still have a hog…

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    miche the killer 03/11/2014 15:07

    I’m confused by that clip. Who gets kinky in grey cotton briefs?

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    Hugh G. Rection 03/11/2014 23:50

    Lena Dunham is awful, but I thought her joke was pretty funny.

    And “Tattooed manatee,” that’s a good one.

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    Admiral 03/11/2014 23:52

    I’ve been to the Baltimore Aquarium and have seen manatees up close – that is the perfect word to describe her.

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