Lindsay Lohan Fires Sober Life Coach

March 21, 2014 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Lindsay Lohan fired her sobriety life coach Michael Cormier the second after the cameras stopped rolling on her OWN reality show. Cormier was assigned to follow the light to moderate-light drinking Mean Girls star and make sure that she stayed sober and out of trouble following her latest unsuccessful stint in rehab. Cormier is apparently featured in the show as the blockade between Lindsay and her succulent eight ball desires. Lindsay remaining sober was an important part of the show as it’s for Oprah’s feel good self help bullshit network. Not that Lindsay took shooting the show very seriously, but it was a paycheck.As soon as they wrapped shooting, LiLo fired Cormier and had her drunk mom drive her around searching the rectums of her sex list partners for her secreted stash. It’s all good though. Oprah already has a memorial special cut from existing footage. She always wins.

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