North West Pisses on Kanye

By Michael March 26, 2014 @ 12:38 PM

Kim Kardashian revealed to Seth Myers that baby North West pissed all over Kanye West during their infamous Vogue shoot. It seems that the unibrowed womb troll decided to use Kanye’s chest as a diaper while they were taking a family shot on a couch. North is naked in the picture as a very early indicator of how the Kardashian clain raises their girl children to respect the process. I┬áhave a new found respect for baby North. I’ve always thought that she was probably going to grow up to be a monster since she is being raised by the two biggest narcissistic assholes on the planet. But maybe she’ll be okay if she already innately understands her dad is s shit can.

(Photo Via Vogue)

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    Beylerbey 03/26/2014 14:15

    Black men only know how to do one kind of “family shot,” and that only involves a camera about half of the time.

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    Toast 03/26/2014 14:35

    Let’s hope North West grows up to take a shot at both of them.

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    God Hath Spoken 03/26/2014 14:37

    R Kelly immediately phoned for a date.

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    DrainBammage 03/26/2014 17:48

    Seth Meyers has a talk show?

    For a show as mediocre as SNL has been for decades, its really a direct conduit to the rectum of Hollyweird. Where unfunny mediocre fscks like Jimmy Fallon are sleepwalking to some of the most important jobs in TV land.

    Having Meyers, recovering gayfish and his cumbucket on a talk show must seem like some level of Dante’s inferno.

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