Kanye West Weight Gain And Hair Plugs

Kanye West was caught by the paps barreling down a parking lot in Los Angeles looking like a random person's dad, complete with an extra forty pounds and some grid-like action on his head that sure looks like hair plugs to me. Oh dad, you're embarrassing me. But mostly... read more

Kim and Kanye's Third Party Womb Carries a Girl Child

In case you were wondering about the reproductive dirty bomb placed into the womb of a random girl with less STDs than Kim Kardashian and her mentally ill husband, it's a girl. read more

Kim Kardashian Dissecting Kanye

You can't turn out a good man. A confused man, far easier. The Kardashians choose male partners of notoriety and means, not of masculine character. Inherently, any man who signs up to be run by a bubble-butted midget is a gender fail. read more

Nobody Going to the Grammy's This Year

Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and Drake  are all passing on attending the Grammys  even though they have 22 nominations between them. All three not so subtly noted how the young black man is being kept down by the Grammys. Though older black men, black Canadian Jews, and... read more

Kanye Meets With Trump

Kanye West met with president elect Donald Trump. The two have a lot in common: An incredibly gay fixation with regality which extends to their fake titted whore wives. Bouts of narcissistic rage. Referring to themselves in glorified terms which nobody else does. Now,... read more

Kanye's Blond Ambition Tour

Kanye West has left the hospital where he spent over a week being treated for exhaustion, dehydration, and temporary psychosis. It's that last one that might give you pause since you only ever hear the term used by defense attorneys in murder trials. read more

Kanye Still In Fashionable Straight Jacket

Kanye West is still chillin' in the hospital so he can garner enough material to write a below average rap album touching on the whole thing. If you're such a genius, how come you couldn't outsmart the paramedics? read more

Kardashians Rise Above

When tragedy inevitably strikes their menfolk, the Kardashian women rise to the occasion by moving on with work and doctoring legal letters to financially benefit from the underlying trauma. read more

Kanye's Insurance Payout Is Nuts

Kanye West sure seems nuts. Like Kim Kardashian sure seemed robbed. In eerily similar actuarial circumstances, West stands to earn a massive insurance payout for unpaid expenses and future lost revenue on the entire remainder of his Pablo Tour scheduled to run six more... read more

The Kanye Thing Starting To Make Sense

Contrary to popular belief, you can be mentally ill and a huge asshole. Meaning, you don't get to walk around acting like a major cunt and blame it on your illness. Some schizophrenics think the clouds are cartoons. Others stab strangers in the subway station. Those ones... read more

Kanye Says Something Nice About Trump, Hospitalized

A black dude calling out Hillary Clinton and Beyonce in the same breath is plenty enough precursor to a forced hospitalization. A pro-Trump quote is a mandatory 5150. read more

Kanye West Burns Through Furniture

Kanye West is clearly a gay guy, based on how he has many gay tendencies and zero straight tendencies. This likely also explains why he's so angry despite the fortunate circumstances. read more