Oh, Shit, It’s FEMEN Time

March 28, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Here’s proof of something I’ve always believed: it’s really hard to look like a skeleton when you’re fat. Awesome face paint aside, the angry Eastern Euro topless feminists of FEMEN were back in Spain with Muerte body paint protesting their ability of women who look like fat skeletons to get abortions as they see fit. My body, my choice, and all that stuff I chanted to get laid back in college. That’s ironic now that I think of it. But there’s no irony in the Banshee like shrieks of these luscious lasses from Kiev getting all limp in the body both as a civil disobedience tactic and as a natural result of too many strudel bites late night. I’m inclined to say I’d cave in to anything these girls asked, up to but not including castration, if they agreed to shut the fuck up and go home. I believe that means they’ve won.

Photo Credit: Getty

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