Remember When You Wanted to Lick Tish Cyrus' Thighs?

Tish Cyrus Has Cellulite Issues Undressing At The Beach In Miami It's definitely possible that the site of Tish Cyrus' ass melting down her legs caused Bret Michaels brain to spontaneously hemorrhage. I myself just shit a raisin that I consumed back in second grade snack period. I can already read the letters from the ladies complaining about me complaining about Tish's gynoid lipodystrophy. But I'm not complaining, I'm perusing, as a man might in a bookstore, an automotive dealership or a bulging drippy thigh fat exhibition center. I know everybody is riding Miley's tip at this point cash wise. It'd be nice if the family earner could scrape off a little for mom to get a burly Eastern European woman to squeeze out that under skin butter like she's kneading a strudel dough. Don't let mom's ass magma ruin her perfectly good fake tits and tattoos. That in the first Ten Commandments, you chitlin head.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet, Pacific Coast News, Splash

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