Where’s The Other Photo, Joanna Krupa?

March 13, 2014 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Real Housewives star Joanna Krupa, a 34-year old model who is smart enough to surround herself with older, uglier women at all times, was on set for some random photo shoot yesterday, but knowing her willingness to go topless, it was probably for the cover of TV Guide. Regardless of what it was for, her friend Randall Slavin caught this behind the scenes photo of Joanna taking a topless selfie. Of course, that leads us to wonder where the hell the selfie that she was taking when he took this selfie is, because just seeing a selfie of someone taking a selfie when we don’t get to see the selfie except in this selfie is not the selfie that… oh fuck it, just move your arm, lady.

Photo Credit: Randall Slavin Instagram

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