Kim And Kanye Are Married Now

By Travis May 05, 2014 @ 10:00 AM

While Kim Kardashian won’t be having her lavish Parisian wedding until May 24, sharing her love and success with 200 of her closest friends and sex tape partners, the former Mrs. Kris Humphries and Mrs. Damon Thomas is now the current Mrs. Kanye West, according to the state of California. Kim and Kanye reportedly made her third marriage official last week by obtaining their license, but it still won’t be assholish celebrity official until they can profit from the “private” photos of their ceremony like any good celebrity and narcissist would do. According to Life and Style, their ceremony and reception will even feature multiple wardrobe changes, so that Kim can remind everyone that she thinks she’s a fashion icon, because she lets designers give her free shit, while also keeping the focus right where she prefers it – directly on her tits.

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    Beylerbey 05/05/2014 14:45

    This poor, confused creature thinks he’s won something. Hopefully the paparazzi will be there the second he realizes he married a whore.

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    captain_pudding 05/05/2014 14:49

    Well, this story doesn’t make much sense. Did they get married or did they just get their marriage license?

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    Puritan 05/05/2014 20:07

    fat assed niaggah loving ho

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