Kim Kardashian's Ass Now Also Wedding Ready

Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Booty In Tights With Kanye West At A Gym In Paris Unlike so many other couples in Hollywood canceling their weddings, Kim and Kayne are locked and loaded and pre-paid into this event on Saturday. The two Parisian imported intellects attempted to go unrecognized by the ten thousand cameramen following them everywhere they go by covering their faces with bandanas. Mon dieu, I wonder who that veiled women with an ass like a Lascaux cave buffalo is with Kanye West? What name shall we report to our Communist newspapers? Kim has been seen eating tons of ice cream and other fattening shit in Paris, presumably unstarving herself in an attempt to keep her word to get legitimately pregnant as soon as Kanye says I duz. In this manner she can ensure the fate of her bastard daughter North as a stripper slash Japanese import car model.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet,, Pacific Coast News

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