Lindsay Lohan Didn’t Have To Share Her Miscarriage Selfies Afterall

May 22, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Lindsay Lohan may smell of dumb, but guess who swung the ‘I missed all my court deadlines because I had a miscarriage’ excuse in court without so much as a doctor’s note? That’s right, the freckle faced girl from Freaky Friday. Lindsay had been suing some international clothing distributor for $1.1 million in licensing fee guarantees they never paid her to sell her failed signature jeans in Dubai and Equatorial Guinea. The company counter sued for $5 million saying that not even dumb foreign mall rats would buy Lindsay’s jeans after she started being arrested for drugs. Lindsay missed her court deadline to respond to the suit, but the judge let her slide after she made him watch the final episode of Fat Oprah’s Lindsay Lohan reality show where the snorting ginger wept about losing her fetus in the janitor’s closet at Sbarro. Apparently, that was enough of an Exhibit A for the judge to quash the summary judgement against Lindsay and force the two parties into a settlement that netted Lindsay a cool $150,000 from the clothing distributor. So, who got the last laugh? The judgmental pricks in Dubai or the impoverished mountain children in Colombia putting together a $150K order for Miss Lindsay in Nueva York.

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