Lindsay Lohan Is Going Legit

By Lex May 29, 2014 @ 4:23 PM

Lindsay Lohan Goes Out Braless In London
Lindsay Lohan is braless in London¬†hoping to join the list of American actors who’ve tried out a West End theater tour. But those funny sounding phones haven’t been ringing for her dramatic services, so Lindsay decided to jump start her own stage career. She set up a meeting with the Sunday Times for a Culture section profile on her aching desire to get into legit theater. Then Lindsay sort of¬†failed to show up at her interview and a scheduled photo shoot for the vaunted newspaper. Lindsay claimed she was stuck in Milan. However, it turns out she was down the street staggering through the back alleys of London demanding somebody sell her the Elephant Man bones. The British might accept some unfettered sagging boobs, but they are pretty steadfast when it comes to punctuality and appointments. Now, Lindsay will be left with just the delirium tremens fueled fantasies of a standing ovation from a standing room only crowd. As usual, when she comes to, it’ll just be a hobo standing over her body trying to yank off her belly chain.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News, FameFlynet, Splash

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    ni_mierda1606 05/29/2014 23:21

    u kidding me about Lindsay? well wish her luck because I suppose if the Kardashians can do it anyone can. Who are those people anyway? Not even pretty…at least Lindsay is sexy and even though perhaps (we will see) not that talented, she is way more talented than any of the Kardashians. Who are they any way…I find it incresdible that someone can become “famous” for being not pretty, having no talent, and just having fkd some guy on a tape. Welcome to America!!!

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