Brittny Gastineau Got Punched in the Face

June 12, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Even if just for fun you made a list of female celebrities who deserved a punch in the grill, you’d have to tear up that list, shred it, then tear up the shreds, because there’s nothing funny about a woman getting punched. Lindsay Lohan got punched by a cocktail waitress in the face. Not funny. Rihanna got punched by Chris Brown. So not funny. Now Brittny Gastineau, an NFL daughter sort of model sort of former reality star best known for being a Kardashian best friend got knocked around something fierce in a West Hollywood hotel by a yet to be disclosed male acquaintance. She looked like those Charlie Sheen porn star girlfriends they used to find barricaded in upscale hotel room bathrooms. Brittny carefully hid her hockey shiner by dining at Mr. Chow’s where paparazzi gather like moths to the flame most weekday evenings. Not that any woman or man should feel the need to go into hiding or wear some sunglasses or a touch of makeup after getting a chunky knuckle print on their face. Especially not when you’re looking for a chute and ladder back onto the E! name recognition list. See how I just George Will’ed that and suggested Brittny might benefit from this beat down. Please don’t crazy glue my pecker to my nut sack.

Our sources say Brittny has hired a lawyer who will either force a settlement or sue the alleged perpetrator (TMZ)

Okay, there’s that too. But, to reiterate, there’s nothing but disdain to be felt for any man who ever puts his hands in anger upon a woman. It’s the height of cowardice. I say that heartfelt as a man and a feminist. Maybe we can get a coffee sometime and talk about it.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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