Chris Brown Figured Something Out

June 9, 2014 | celebrity | matt-ralston | 0 Comments

Chris Brown threw a party for himself because he felt he deserved a little love for his tireless work being prison overcrowded out of jail. His party was packed with more porn stars than a mobile HIV station on the first of January. If there’s one thing Chris Brown learned in the slammer, besides not choosing the bedsheets with the mysterious bloody holes in the middle, it was that porn stars tell no tales. Chris has suffered much in life from his bitches just not keeping quiet. Women bitches, man bitches, they just can’t shut up about the beat down Chris Brown had to give them to make the voices stop. But you can’t just start punching people with self-worth and lawyers and get away with it. Enter the porn stars. The human punching bags with oral cavities designed solely for ingress. You could water board Bonnie Rotten and she’d just rub her gyny and tell you how wet she was. Chris Brown has discovered his new playground of tell-no-tales victims. We really need to stop sending this guy to prison. He keeps coming out just a bit less dumb.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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