Terry Richardson Had None Sex With Lindsay Lohan

June 19, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

With all the disturbing  allegations against Terry Richardson, the creepy fashion photographer wants to be clear on one thing: he didn’t bone Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay has made such suggestions in the past about post-shoot coitus.  Just because you made a few young models call you Uncle Terry while you shimmied your cock into their nooks and crannies shouldn’t subject you to the charge of copulation by Lohan.

Terry Richardson is on an ever sinking island of fetish shots and sex toys. While mindless celebrity boobs still have his back, his friends and peers are abandoning him for fear of being labeled a pedo-rapist-WMD co-conspirator:

I don’t want to be against these girls. Anyone who questions any of it is attacked with death threats — Dian Hanson, editor at Taschen

Nothing says honest debate like a death threat. Maybe it’s Dylan Farrow with a hatchet. A little catharsis would do her good.

Photo Credit: Terry Richardson

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