Gwen Stefani Bravely Nurses

July 29, 2014 | celebrity | matt-ralston | 0 Comments

Gwen Stefani has joined the chorus of modes and celebrities taking a stand for public breastfeeding by traveling to their European vacation homes and nursing under the sun. In staunch opposition to the breastfeeding hotties is one guy in Idaho who writes letters to the editor from his electricity-free cabin. Most of the obese puritans who otherwise gently critique public breastfeeding just want it to be done tastefully and not squirted in the face of passing voyeurs. Put another way, rocking a camel toe is completely legal but if you jump on the lunch counter and pick up your utensils with your vagina cleft, people will think you’re grandstanding. There is a simple happy middle ground in the public breastfeeding debate. But middle grounds don’t make for Instagram photos tagged with a couple thousand ‘You go, girls!’.  Social media is like a mirror reflecting our stupidity.

Photo Credit: Instagram 

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