Courtney Stodden Re-Engaged To Pedo Bear

August 12, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

I know the inkling of most working girls is that business would be so much better if I could just find a hot corner. Courtney Stodden ditched her three-times her age husband to experience fat men only twice her age who were promising to help her break big in show business. The causal logic was sound. You can fuck your way into some pretty promising positions in Hollywood. But the premise was flawed. You can’t feed the corruption fetish of the pederasts running Hollywood if you look like an aging Marseilles hooker trying to hang on for one more fishing season. So, Courtney came back to the roost.

Keller [Courtney’s mom] says her daughter has had time to “experience other men” during their break and she now “want[s] to be with her original choice, her husband.

It really is like a fairy tale romance all over again. The couple is going to renew their vows at the end of this year before the inevitable baby comes to give Courtney a sympathetic story line. After that, her options will dwindle down to mariticide or amateur granny porn. If she did both at the same time, she finally would be famous.

Photo Credit: Splash News (above) Courtney Stodden/Instagram (below)

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