Kate Moss 86’d From Plane

June 9, 2015 | celebrity | matt-ralston | 0 Comments

Kate Moss was kicked off a plane in Turkey because she got into an argument with another passenger, called the pilot a “basic bitch” and was refused alcohol at which point she got her own vodka out of her carry on, got wasted, and was promptly wrapped in a tire and lit on fire according to Sharia law. The airline, easyJet, is the foreign equivalent to Southwest except thankfully the flight attendants cover their shoulders. It seems Moss thought she was too good to be flying with the commoners although easyJet offers free tickets to toddlers and Moss weighs 42 pounds and qualified on a loophole. It’s not a great idea to ever be drinking when you’ve survived on hardtack and cigarette ashes since the disco era. Even less so in a Muslim country which requires users to hold off on reporting gang rapes until they’re in international airspace. Moss wasn’t charged and presumably boarded another flight after sleeping it off in a hammock fashioned out of Taco Bell wrappers. Bitch is a strong word. How do you hold your head up?

Photo Credit: FameFlyNet 

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