Tom Cruise’s Son Caitlyn Shamed

June 4, 2015 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Tom Cruise’s adopted son Connor is the latest to be Caitlyn shamed for suggesting that Bruce Jenner is perhaps not the most deserving recipient of the ESPY Arthur Ashe Award for Courage since he hasn’t been in sports for forty years and turning yourself into a woman was not considered universally courageous until about last Tuesday. Also, there’s that college girl who played basketball through her degenerative brain cancer while raising millions for cancer research. Just to name one possible alternate.

Connor Cruise deleted his completely harmless Tweets and apologized because that’s what people do now when they make a perfectly valid point and get attacked with rote slurs. Sort of like how Nathan Hale backpedaled on his only one life to give regrets to save himself from the British noose. Or the opposite. Nobody cares that the baby Tom Cruise gave his wife in lieu of icky natural conception wants the world to focus on unfounded environmental cataclysm over celebrity trannies, but they ought care that people calling themselves progressive thinkers like to reflexively drown out opposing viewpoints. It’s a sickness that creeps across the land like the evil eye of Mordor. We need one good Hobbit to cast the Soul Cycle Ring of crotch sweat into the lava. Or just get off Twitter. It is just one click.

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