Sacha Baron Cohen Disrespects Unemployed White Drunk Soccer Fans

March 11, 2016 | celebrity | josh-j | 0 Comments

The New York Post has published an article criticizing Sacha Baron Cohen’s new movie, The Brothers Grimsby, for being racist and insensitive toward impoverished white people. The article talks about Cohen’s privileged upbringing and his mocking of the soccer hooligan, welfare abusing working class Brits, known as “oiks.”

Oikophobia’ is a workable term for this distasteful tendency of elites to scorn the salt of the Earth. Cohen’s climactic Donald Trump joke in the final moments of the movie tells more than he understands: Struggling whites on both sides of the Atlantic feel that the policies of Cohen’s smarty-pants guild of groovy globalists are responsible for their plight in the first place.

Right. This guy talks like a real champion of the people. The article then attacks Cohen for playing a character who is “the kind of guy who likes to shove fireworks up his bum while getting drunk.” That is not an actual kind of guy. That’s a movie character in this movie or Jackass. Drunk guy with fireworks is an actual guy. We all know him. He doesn’t like assplay. This could’ve gone quicker if he’d just said world banking conspiracy Jew so we could’ve nodded our heads in unspoken agreement and moved on.

Photo credit: The Brothers Grimsby / Instagram

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