Caitlyn Jenner Has Thought On Where She Might Shit

April 25, 2016 | Uncategorized | josh-j | 0 Comments

LGBT hero and occasional murderer Caitlyn Jenner has thrown her hat in the tranny toilet ring, imploring politicians in states with new bathroom restrictions to be more open-minded. This despite Jenner’s many decades of GOP dedication. Jenner understand that letting former male Olympic gold medalists drop a deuce in the ladies room isn’t going to increase the odds of sexual assaults upon women and girls. Rapists aren’t typically affected by the prevailing bathroom usage laws from state to state. The women’s room has stalls only so nobody’s daughter needs to see the Jenner shlong. If your child asks you about an unusual sounding splash from the next stall over, just explain to her that women 6’2″ 230 tinkle really fucking hard. On the plus side those muscularly large ladies don’t have to stop and pee every thirty minute on long car rides. Consider this the opportunity for a teachable moment. Then lie.

Photo credit: Caitlyn Jenner/ Instagram 

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