Courtney Stodden Makes Chick Gay Look Super Unappealing

September 20, 2016 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Sexual fluidity has really taken hold of desperately seeking attention D-list celebrities. An old-fashioned forced girl on girl kiss among cheerleaders at a high school party used to be the sum of these expressions. Now it’s full on declaration of lesbian love. I understand why this androgynous aging French DJ might want to start fingering a mentally retarded failed reality star with a recent miscarriage and enormous fake breasts, the converse can only be explained by press coverage. 

French DJ Doris Carabetta, who goes by French Kiss, because Repulsive Man Frog was already taken by every other French lesbian DJ, claims to have been in love with Courtney Stodden since she trained the pea-brained circus blond to be a DJ for some sponsored event a few years back. She refers to Stodden as her girlfriend on social media and has routinely brought her as her guest to the infamous Abbey gay bar in West Hollywood. No word yet on how the elderly husband feels about all of this. When you marry a much younger chick and she starts dabbling in other chicks, you have to really have thought it would turn out much hotter. 

This is the time to pull out the Donald Sterling rule. Fuck who you want, just don’t put that shit on Instagram. There’s a special place in not heaven for moms who get their daughter’s into intimate modeling at eleven.

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