Tom Brady Mask Effectively Creepy

September 14, 2016 | celebrity | matt-ralston | 0 Comments

Some guy named Dan Worthington spent three months rent on an Industrial Light and Magic caliber Tom Brady mask and then went to the Pats Cardinals game in Arizona and posed for a ton of pictures. While this gag may seem short lived and pointless, it later landed him on the Today Show. It’s a good story to tell at a barbecue a few years from now when nobody is listening. If you meet a chick at a bar and she asks you what you do, lie.

From a glass half full perspective, you should do stuff like this whenever possible. It’s very little risk, and carries the possibility for a huge reward such as getting a free huge bar tab at Margaritaville or getting into the VIP area and then laughing at the idiot bouncers. Anything involving real life James Bond type shit is inherently awesome. If your girl asks you to wear it in the bedroom, fuck her first and then leave her immediately. Do they make a Gisele?

Photo Credit: Twitter

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