Alexis Ren Next Gen Instagram Pimping

October 14, 2016 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Social media stardom is no longer a novelty. It’s a business. Get in early. Alexis Ren started with bikini photos at fifteen. One of her barely covered mid-teen photos went viral and everybody politely pretended it wasn’t millions of men around the world jail-baiting one out. Cut to four years later and she’s fast approaching seven million followers on Instagram which means a full-slate of magazine, commercial, and sponsored post bookings. Set.

Ren keeps with the ruse that most of her fans are impressionable young girls:

She loves her fans. Most of them are young girls, according to Alexis. Her fans come up to her on the street, and she doesn’t mind at all. “If I can make a girl’s day by hugging her, hell yeah,I’ll hug the crap out of her. I will kiss her on the cheek. I will love her. I will take as many photos as she wants. That’s how I’ll always be.”

First, there’s no way that happens. Second, it doesn’t take Anderson Cooper to know what you’re describing is sexual assault. If there’s any message for these young girls, it’s that 8th grade is already late to be showing off your bare ass on social media. Look at your last report card? Do you see mostly “A’s”. Flowchart your answer into some underaged bikini photos on Snapchat now. Trust me, your parents won’t notice until you’re collecting your first lip gloss paycheck and then they’ll start urging you to show more. Bat mitvahs don’t pay for themselves.


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