Kesha’s Got Something To Hide

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Kesha’s lawyers filed a motion to block Dr Luke from releasing her medical records, even though the idea probably never occurred to him much like having sex with or raping her. Luke’s people initially got the records from Kesha when she sued him for rape. She then dropped the case since testifying to her own charges would have been perjury as she previously stated under oath, in a very relaxed manner, that he never touched her.

Lawyers will take your money. It seemed fairly obvious she was lying but that didn’t stop many ill-informed absolutist feminists from hailing Kesha as a hero and performing several blowhardy songs in her honor. Following that her new angle was that Sony was forcing her to work with her rapist even though she could have worked with any producer she wanted. The facts never got in the way of Taylor Swift’s retarded tweets. Kesha’s people seem pretty protective of her medical records: 

“Ms. Sebert now fears that Gottwald will seek to disclose and disseminate her personal medical records in an attempt to embarrass and harass her… Ms. Sebert has disclosed highly sensitive personal medical records as part of this litigation, and her position as a world-renowned recording artist in whom there is great public interest renders any potential disclosure of those records potentially harmful to her personal and economic interests.” 

There are 900 pages of them. That’s Moby Dick. Do you hit the ER and psych ward on your way to the gym in the morning? How are you still alive? Clearly there’s something Kesha doesn’t want getting out. She certainly has herpes. HIV is posting high odds in Reno. A few mental breakdowns are par for the course, and yeah, we assume you were treated for meth addiction. Ratchety ass janky white trash motherfuckers like Kesha and her mom who file fake rape charges for financial reasons always have a lot of skeletons in their closet. And Valtrex. 

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