Victoria Justice In a Push Up Bra, The Best of Rocky Horror

October 20, 2016 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Fox remade The Rocky Horror Picture Show for broadcast television tonight largely because they have to make something and new ideas scare people in Hollywood. Also, Marketing makes most of the greenlight calls and trannies are big in the news. Though the fun kind of singing trannies now in appropriate costumery for network TV. 

The television networks are dying because FCC regulations don’t allow them to be nearly as edgy as their cable counterparts and it’s impossible for fifty layers of decision makers to be interesting or edgy regardless. They’re all owned by the same entities ultimately so one channel can run Laverne Cox and Victoria Justice redoing a low rent High School Musical version of Rocky Horror while another runs bare-assed fucking and bloody zombie eviscerations. Something for everybody. Or nobody since nobody under thirty is watching television and that trend means the ultimate death of any set top watching down the road.

None of this should prevent you from tugging one out to Victoria Justice, the sole Disney or Nick star to grow up and not discuss her vagina or cover her tits in mud for a guy pretending to be an Italian photographer. She’s pretty fucking hot. There’s something to be said for the tease. Most notably, do you have a sluttier sister perchance?

Photo Credit: ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ FOX

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