Alexis Ren Digital Success Story

November 17, 2016 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Not everything was better in the old days. Good looking chicks who didn’t get tapped for traditional modeling careers often straggled back to community college and dental hygienist certifications and you never got to see them mostly naked without paying for dinner.

Social media and self-publishing brought one billion trite posts a day. And a similar number of people doing direct address makeup tips on YouTube. Also a much bigger sandbox for attractive girls to keep racking up likes and followers and digital advertising campaigns to pay the rent. It’s the true open market. No middle men.

Alexis Ren has been sharing photos of herself biting her finger in hardly any clothing since she was in high school. She has over 7 million Instagram followers. So fuck all those uppity gatekeeper agencies that didn’t give her a chance. She’s Rudy. If you wanted to ask Rudy if you could do it in the ass for your birthday wish.

Photo Credit: Missguided

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