Carrie Fisher Death Announced

December 27, 2016 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

55 million people die every year, but it’s the ten Western celebrity deaths a year that are the most poorly handled. Carrie Fisher suffered a massive coronary on a flight last Friday from London to Los Angeles. Fisher has been in various states of ill health for many years now, including bouts with substance abuse and self-publicized treatment for mental illness explained in her various books and memoirs and one-woman shows. For some reason, the publicity department reflexive response is to declare everything’s cool and conditions are “stable”. In all likelihood, Fisher never regained consciousness after her heart attack.

The motivations for lying about the health and well-being of celebrities has never been explained to a proper degree. Versus say a Soviet era dictator or┬áRock Hudson, where there’s a very practical implication to their pending demise. Thus repeats the cycle of shocking announcements, social media expressed despair, and an unnecessary infatuation with certain years being horrible. Certainly in 2017 no poorly maintained celebrities with extensive drug histories will pass prematurely.

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For those that can’t remember, Carrie Fisher was a celebrity daughter babe in her time:

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