Larsa Pippen Bucking On Her Future

December 23, 2016 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Among the set of fifty or so rappers with a single fake name, Future seems a noteworthy master of his domain. He’s fucking everybody famous. Or every light skinned black model and celebrity. Everybody has a category run making a run. It’s a base.

Future plugged a baby into Ciara before she married Russell Wilson because a stable life is often better than a sex life when you get to being a mother. Future is also the name mentioned by Scottie Pippen in filing for divorce from his younger former model wife, Larsa Pippen. Pippen claims his wife was cavorting with Future, while Larsa claims they’re only friends who met at a party at which point Future decided to start flying her around by private jet to be only friends together in hotel rooms.

With rumors that Larsa Pippen has been seen in and around Future’s South Florida pad, Future merely posted a picture of himself nonchalantly in his house covered in gold by the foot. 

Never cared enough to explain. Rumors

You’re taking pictures of yourself covered counting money. Is this really the time to be coy. Of course he’s fucking Scottie Pippen’s wife. After four kids she might have her tubes tied, but don’t be surprised if another kid comes along. Futures’s already made four kids with four different women, including Ciara’s baby who he named Future Jr. just to remind Russell Wilson who remains in charge.     

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