As Goes the Pirelli Calendar So Goes the World

December 1, 2016 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Topless wall calendars were popularized long ago by auto parts company that realized that chicks with big tits would make for free brand promotion hanging in every single working garage around the world. Pirelli has been producing these things for forever. They used to be amazing collages of models flashing their hooters in honor of January through December. Like every other corporate interest, Pirelli started bowing to media and select social pressure a few years ago and began making up bogus reasons for moving away from young girl tits and to more meaningful expressions of female beauty. Meaningful to whom is a question never asked. Though the answer is not men.

This year Pirelli proudly went with “Unretouched Beauty” featuring famous talented women not naked and not wearing makeup and showing off their natural signs of wear and age. A great symbol of empowerment for the women retooling the carbeurators in garages around the world. Gender equality doesn’t have to mean taking fun things away from men, though it always does.

Yoko Ono in the raw. Bless you, Pirelli. You’ve officially killed the male gaze. You can stop your calendar thing now.

Photo Credit: Pirelli 2017 Calendar

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