British Chicks Seem Less White Than Usual

December 7, 2016 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Sane people acknowledge that fashion is a farcical avenue for ambitious gay men to subjugate women entirely for the purpose of making money and living fabulously. Or they will one day. It’s for women and men who have no interest in sports. Russell Wilson and similar anomalies aside. The better part of fashiondesign is recycling cuts that reveal the nippled taped tits of supermodels. The rest is merely pushing loose slacks to fat women at Ross.

British people have always taken fashion seriously. Fancy dress is a solid way to pretend your Risk empire hasn’t been shrinking consistently for two hundred years straight. Also, that your gold medals are down to horseback riding and sailing. Appearance is key on the way up and the way down. On top ratty jeans and a tee shirt will do. The British Fashion Awards are like a fifth grade graduation. I know some people like to get dressed up, but that’s a lot of applause for a rather negligible accomplishment. 

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