The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Just Another Subjugation

December 1, 2016 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Once you insist that your hot chicks in their underwear party is a “celebration of world cultures”, you open the door for a wider range of critcism than merely the kneejerk charge of sexism. Victoria’s Secret ruined a bunch of perfectly good international models camel toes and tits by decking them out in homages to various and sundry ancient cultures of the world. Nepal, Mexico, China, Peru and the natives that used to shit in the rivers who made them great. This led the fashion critic at Cosmo to spin into a tirade of unecessarily serious racism condemnations of a company that makes shiny panties:

“Don’t let yourself be hoodwinked by Victoria’s Secret’s brazen attempt to re-label what is clearly cultural appropriation by turning it into a celebration of ‘culture.’ The brand and its creative leads shamelessly cherry-picked imagery, breaking apart aesthetic references from wherever they wanted and stitching them back together again. They’re telling us it’s worldliness. It’s not, it’s a hack job.”

Helin Jung went on to issue a littany of cultural appropriation charges straight from the playboook they hand out along that ten block corridor in Manhattan where most of the digital magaine world is printed. Everybody else merely wants to stare at the naked women on the TV. Jung worked herself into blaming the white corporate patriarchy because that’s how those female bloggers ultimately achieve orgasm. That cultural appropriation nonsense is merely foreplay. You still need a sinister white guy for complete lather effect.

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