Jessica Hart Making Thirty Work


Running backs and models rarely make it to thirty still working. Jessica Hart feels fortunate to be booking paid swimsuit and lingerie gigs at thirty. That's seventeen years into her career, having been discovered at thirteen for her first magazine gig. "Discovered" being one of those clever euphemisms for a grown man approaches a middle school aged girl at the mall and implies that she's sexy enough to be a model. 

Hart claims that she has to watch her diet and workout much harder now at thirty than when modeling at thirteen. Worrying about the pending competition of tweens for your job seems bizarre, though probably not far off from the thought process of NBA journeymen or Buzzfeed bloggers. 

By way of backup planning, Hart's become engaged to Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos III. Stavros I did all the work back in the day. Stavros III has a hundred million in a trust fund. Short of having had his dick inside Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, he's said to be a charming date to upscale events. Hart 's exercising the model playbook with some level of deftness. Knit your own golden parachute, sister. Planning is the new complaining.

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