Vivica A Fox Not Down With The Gays

January 11, 2017 | celebrity | matt-ralston | 0 Comments

Vivica A Fox is starring in a Lifetime reality show about her quest to find male strippers for a series of male strip shows she will be producing, so if you know anyone going through menopause, recommend it. She went on The Breakfast Club and was astutely asked if gay men would be welcome to attend the shows, because obviously they will be composing the entire audience, minus paid extras. Fox shot back: 

“Hell no! There’s no need… It’s called the ultimate girl’s night out for a reason.” 

The fallout was pretty swift. One of the producers on the show, a guy who has produced such cinematic gyms as the male stripper comedies Chocolate City and Chocolate City: Vegas, abruptly left. If you had any question which direction Fox’s career is heading, she had parts in both of those films. She has since issued an apology explaining how she adores the LGBTQ community, and that gays are welcome to join and watch the gay dancers whenever they’re feeling extra gay that night. 

Gay bars don’t discriminate at the door, in fact they’re more than happy to let in women and straight guys who can be mercilessly groped against their will. Every single club discriminates against men, letting women in first, especially those who look like sluts. A comedy club might have a Mexican night or a black night, but all are actually welcome, they’re not checking your birth certificate. 

The only group still allowed to discriminate, or reap the benefits of discrimination, are women. They never mention getting into clubs first or getting free drinks. There are female only gyms and workout classes in every city. Only a woman would have thought she could get away with what Fox said in 2017. Not surprisingly, a very attractive woman in a low cut shirt. This is why you don’t get paid as much, and also why Fox gets paid more than you. Time to go back to the drawing board on this one, enjoy standing outside in the rain. 

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