Hillary Clinton Eying King of New York City (VIDEO)

February 2, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Hillary Clinton has always been beloved in New York City. Enough so to make her Senator from New York despite having zero ties to the Empire State prior to her run. A Mets hat at Shea and a Yankees hat in the Bronx was more than enough. This was at a time when Hillary was pro-war and anti-gay marriage. Barely ambulatory chameleon that one.

While Clinton suffered the defeat of defeats this past November, losing to a man who likely would’ve lost to any non-generally despised and robot-faced opponent, it’s likely she would sweep the city for a victory as Mayor if she wants it. Even the rich Upper West Siders are growing weary of Bill DiBlasio and his black lesbian wife who previously checked off so many pro forma politically correct boxes.

There’s a cult around Hillary Clinton in New York and California. Nobody truly likes her because she’s unlikable as a person. But they like what she stands for, which also nobody really knows, so they like that she’s a woman their husbands wouldn’t want to fuck. That’s not a small thing. Or a big category.

Clinton makes her way around Manhattan like Walken’s Frank White. People bow. At yet another Broadway show, the high insufferable In Transit, about Manhattan millennials, Clinton received cheers and a chant of “Hillary” from the audience of wealthy New Yorkers who all contribute heavily to political campaigns. She’s perhaps the most set up loser ever to barely be able to walk the face of this earth. Though if these people truly cared about her one of them would trail Bill during his many in-show bathroom visits. The gender-free one naturally.

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