Aida Domenech Epitomizes Fashion Blogging

March 16, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

It’s hard to remember how people got dressed in the morning before YouTube style influencers with foreign accents took on millions of daily viewers pretending to process TPS forms in their cubicles. It’s like conjuring up how you got money before ATMs. Who can remember? Maybe fish fillet sandwiches were free prior to the 80’s.

It’s unclear what qualities makes you a YouTube star. In the age of television, you needed decent writers and a strong network marketing department. Now you require a blank look into the camera, the aforementioned accent, and Google conspiring to make ad dollars by trending you across hundreds of millions of users in complex algorithms. Random lesbian Spanish style guru Aida Domenech boasts several million followers of her wardrobe and accessories advice across her multiple social media platforms. What does she know that Lindsay with adult acne at the Macy’s handbags and hosiery counter doesn’t? Probably nothing.

It’s like explaining why people drive-thru Taco Bell when sober. You don’t want to spend enough time with the subject group to learn the answers. The best you can hope for is they have big tits and European sensibilities about changing their swimsuits at the beach. Checking YouTube for what to wear to the company laser tag party is why you’re earning less than men.



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