Eminem's Daughter All Grown Up

Eminem's daughter Hailie Mathers turned twenty-one. The headline is how she's good looking, an earnest student at Michigan State, and appears to be troubled life free. It's one of the better outcomes for kids whose fathers pen odes about shooting them and their mom as toddlers. They're only lyrics. All the same, the suicide ones seemed safer for everybody involved.

As Eminem proved that you can be super popular as a short weird looking dude who whines incessantly about his problems, so to has his daughter proven that nature and nurture isn't everything. Blind luck occasionally plays a role. Even the shittiest messed up family will produce one golden child. It's an anomaly of nature that has allowed even the most downtrodden neighborhoods to produce hedge fund managers and cool new app inventors. If they grow up to show off their tight figures on Instagram, nature's hit a home run. 

It's like those transformative PSAs where a violent teen gang member finds a mentor and grows up to be a neurosurgeon. Only Hailie actually happened.


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Photo Credit: @hailiescott1/Instagram

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