‘3 Generations’ Want a PG

April 21, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

There is no more asymmetrically powered special interest group in this country than the transgendered community. Followed closely by people still bitching about peanut allergies and therapy animal rights groups. By some definitional measure, every minority group is shit upon. Every micro-minority group forgotten. But not the transgendered. Since becoming the T in LGBT, they’re nuclear North Korea, a tiny nation holding the great wide world at its beckon.

The film ‘3 Generations’ about three generation of women with politically correct sexually and gender fluid identities like a lesbian grandmother and tranny teen boy received an ‘R’ rating from the MPAA. Historically, the MPAA has given exaggerated adult ratings to films covering gay topics under the pretense that the subject matter was not intended for children. This fuddy-duddy attitude in sharp contrast to the public schools where all the kindergarten books have been changed to eliminate straight male characters.

Still, it’s hard to explain why Disney snaps its fingers and receives a G-rating for some fairly heavy concepts in movies like Inside Out, but any movie where a dude likes purses immediately sparks a ‘grown up elements” warning. The CEO of GLAAD, Sarah Kate Ellis, put all three of her names to a special column in Variety to explain the outrage in passive voice:

It is heartbreaking to think of a transgender teenager in America right now who would not be able to see a film where a transgender boy is accepted by his mother and grandmother because it was given a rating based on outdated prejudices against transgender people.

Ellis cited a series of statistics about how millions of teens in America are suicidal trannies, which isn’t true, but there are clearly some. We know this from bathroom lawsuits. Ellis dropped mention of diversity issues in Hollywood because why not jump that black and brown train for free.

Two things are clear from this story. First, the MPAA is an organization out of time. It’s run by Chris Dodd, the ancient Senator from Connecticut who tried running for President a couple or three times back in the day. Second, trannies are working over that LGBT dual income no kids political muscle like nobody’s business.

Gay people are going to regret that consolidation decision one day. This isn’t like the NBA subsuming the ABA and gaining the Spurs and the Pacers, this is like having your cranky great aunt move into your guest room until she recovers from her sciatica. She’s never leaving and she’s got lots demands. Also, she’s really just your uncle in a nightgown.

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