Chelsea Manning Ready to Bust a 7-Year Nut

May 19, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Chelsea Manning did what any tranny convicted traitor would do upon early commutation release from prison — she posted selfies of herself in an low cut top. This Espionage Act convicted former Private First Class Bradley Manning is ready to mingle.

Okay, so here I am everyone!!

Depending on your preferred partisan framing job, Manning was either a whistleblower on illicit activity of the United States in Iraq following the war, or a traitor who passed ten truckloads of classified communiques over to Julian Assange in betwixt his Swedish rapes. Manning put Wikileaks on the map.

Manning always seemed more a hapless gay soldier with a mom who drank heavily during his pregnancy than a menacing aider and abetter of the enemy. But he did clearly break the law. Were it not for the sex change operation in prison at the expense of the American taxpayer, people on all sides of the political spectrum might’ve been content to forget about him behind bars. Gender reassignment status is literally a Get Out of Jail Free card. If Snowden became a woman, he’d be running for Senator from Minnesota at the moment. 

Manning is still receiving active duty benefits as a soldier until all appeals have been exhausted on her behalf in the courts. At that point she’ll be officially cut off from taxpayer funding and be forced to settle on one hundred fold that amount selling ghost written books, touring for life story lectures, and launching a high revenue GoFundMe tranny ex-treason page. 

The world is Chelsea Manning’s oyster. New shoes new vagina, new set of options. Anticipate her doing not much of anything after she’s been exploited by the proper activist causes. This wasn’t a transformative cocoon she popped out of as a butterfly, it was a prison cell. A new set of tits and a low cut top isn’t an actual cure for being tiny due to fetal alcohol syndrome and half the nation thinking you’re the Casey Anthony of military espionage. Chart a course from today to Dr. Phil helping in your addiction recovery. Fate is a bitch.

Photo credit: Chelsea Manning / Instagram

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