Failed American Idol Assaults Bar Bouncer

There's this tacit belief that men shouldn't hit women. Then there's this murky understanding if it works the same way reversed. Then there's assault on inanimate objects. What are the rules when women hit tables? Then hit the men who tell them not to hit tables. Can that man then hit this woman in self-defense? If not self-defense at least to avenge the honor of said table. This is all so confusing on what's allowed. How many resources should be used to take down a 5'2" failed singer?

American Idol Haley "Haymaker" Reinhart recently got rowdy at a bar, knocking over a table. The Lamplighter Inn Pub takes the safety of their tables very seriously, so Rienhart was asked to leave around 2am. Possibly fueled by alcohol and lack of a hit single on the radio, Haley cocked back and connected with the back of a bouncer's head while exiting. Since the cops directly witnessed the assault, they have pressed assault and battery charges. 

Wonder what hurt more, the hit or his ego? And poor table. She's expected to appear in court for the assault on August 2nd. Her attorney is currently denying all allegations of the incident regarding the assault. The singer also has a performance on July 21st preceding the court date. Hope her management has arranged security for her security since she's gone public with her bouncer's lives don't matter stance.

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