Jemma Lucy’s New Juicy Booty

July 13, 2017 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

For a while now the airbags on Jemma’s face that double as lips have been feuding with her boobs for attention. Who should get centerpiece on her body? Tatas are terrific, yes. Should you fix those floppy fun bags? Certainly. But booty builds bigger bank accounts. A third challenger has approached. Nothing really perks a woman’s spirit like a perky new butt. Jemma Lucy’s current self-esteem is now almost as high as her derrière. When your buzz is fading faster than a 40-year-old streetwalker only sipping on wine coolers, you have to do something. Get a butt lift. Not just any basic butt lift. A Brazilian Butt Lift. There’s no quicker way for a low tier celeb to seem more interesting than exotic alterations. Never been to Rio? Fine. A nip here and tuck there and voila! No passport needed. 

Jemma is on and off when it comes to dating. So if you ever fantasized about banging Travis Barker with a rack, now’s your time to shine. I know there’s a happy soul under that crack house coloring book tattoo exterior. Who doesn’t love a shiny new ass? Pretty sure the old one had been up there in miles. Surgeons are the real heroes in this story. Allowing women to change ass like a car can change a tire. 

Photo Credit: Blackgrid

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