Ray J vs. Reality TV, Big Brother Edition

August 21, 2017 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

When American celebrities take their talents across seas it’s usually a sign that they are on the last leg of their career. And Ray J is looking like he can’t stand on his own two feet. Semi-actor, psuedo-musician, and sex tape super star Ray J is no stranger to filming his talents. But somehow the lady he boned on film has won at America while he’s been on celebrity relevance life support. He’s chosen to take his talents to the U.K. to appear on the show Big Brother as if anyone from America cared either way. How is it possible Kim was the one on her knees and ended up with the more successful career. She still headlines her own reality show while Ray J is a contestant on one. 

Ray J’s had it up to HERE trying to strike a settlement with “Celebrity Big Brother” for kicking him off the show … so he’s gonna sue to get the dough he says he’s owed. Sources close to Ray J tell TMZ … his legal team and the production company have been negotiating for months but talks have hit a wall … so RJ’s manager, David Weintraub, has given his legal team the green light to file papers. The issue — Ray J says ‘CBB’ agreed to pay him $1 million and he says the show’s gotta cough it up because ‘CBB’ unfairly kicked him out following a dental emergency.

Ray J is so strapped for cash that he’s chosen to sue Big Brother. Celebrities and dignity have never meshed well and instances like these showcase why. It’s apparent you’ve sold your soul and portion of royalties regarding that sex tape. Please enjoy your journey to poverty in peace. Being a pedestrian again isn’t that bad. Just no more chartered jets. I mean sure you’ll most likely have to sit next to someone who smells like a fart for all of your future flights from now on, but you’ll live. You’ll want to be recognized as the guy who dicked down Kim Kardashian first. Not the guy who sued a reality TV show in a last attempt effort for a quick cash grab lawsuit. 

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