Social Media Supremacy, The Taylor Swift Cleansing

August 22, 2017 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

Someone dear to another person’s heart passed away today. But that’s not as important as figuring out why Taylor Swift went ghost on her social media accounts. There are many reasons why people randomly clear their social media accounts. Attention is a forerunner. An undiagnosed mental illness is second runner up. Unless you’re Taylor Swift. Then scratch both of those reasons. You probably have PR in your ear with things like “publicity stunt momentum” and “sexual abuse inspired album.” Nothing speaks to a victim competition generation more than speaking about becoming their leader. In the form of 13 tracks available for purchase on iTunes. 

The 27-year-old pop star has deleted years’ and years’ worth of content from her Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and even her website, wiping them all totally clean…essentially turning them into blank spaces.Though some of her videos and photos still remain on her official Facebook page, her profile picture has been removed and remains the generic music note.

I have a theory on her disappearance. Mean people leaving mean comments on her accounts have forced her into hiatus. Instead of using that same discipline it took to become a star and block out the trolls, she caved. Someone start a gofundme for pop stars. Justin Bieber joined a cult, now this. They’re becoming just as oppressed as the poor people they sell hope and happiness in audio form too. Anyone care to start a vigil until her return? I’ve got some spare candles. Taylor is supposed to make an appearance on Good Morning America August 31st. I hope she doesn’t dodge disappearance questions the same way Mayweather dodges McGregor the 26th. She has recently posted what appears to be a 10 second clip of a snake on her accounts. It’s possible that she’s subliminally trying to convey to fans that her buns don’t want none if there is no anaconda involved. That or she’s confirming the conspiracy all celebrities are highly evolved reptile breeds. Go get your tin foil hats boys. 

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