Zach Randolph Holding Weight

August 11, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments


It’s a no-win situation for inner city athletes and entertainers who make it super fucking big. Either they ditch their old hoodlum backstory and they’re called sell outs. Or they spend their down time with the Crips and wind up being multi-millionaires involved in 7-Eleven frozen burrito armed robbery investigations.

The latter would be Zach Randolph. A dude with $175 million in career earnings and another twenty four coming for his last two years of basketball hanging at a broke-down public housing project party in Watts with weed and guns. You might’ve come from ISIS controlled desert; you’re not going back unless you’re kidnapped. Syrian refugees know better.

Police came to break up the inner city block party and figure out which parolees were packing. There was a mad scramble followed by a mini-riot in which cop cars were slashed and shattered. Cops had to call in backup to form a battle line to quell the angry crowd. That’s when they snatched up Randolph holding two pounds of weed. That’s Robert Parish long weekend amounts of stank. Also enough to get you on felony intent to sell, even if Randolph clearly isn’t bagging eighths for sales outside schoolyards. You can get away with a solid personal use amount of weed in Cali. Big bricks in a knapsack will still get you busted at a riot.

Randolph posted $20,000 bail and was released from L.A. County jail with a big ass smile on his face. Half the NBA players are noteworthy pot smokers. Most aren’t hanging late night on 114th Street in South Los Angeles. He’s not even from L.A. Assume Randolph’s just not very good at summer vacation. Keep smiling. Rich celebrities never do time. 

 Photo credit: TMZ

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