Aaron Hernandez’ Baby Mama Suing NFL For Making Hernandez Suicidal

September 22, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

It turns out smashing your head into things years after year is bad for your brain. Everybody kind of knew this since the dawn of contact sports. If you ever visited one of those retired NFL player autograph signing sessions you’d note half the big guys were barely able to walk, if even stand fully upright. No doubt the NFL tried to hide the long term concussive effects on their players. In the same manner the asbestos insulation guys didn’t really want to admit it was probably going to mean none of their workers lived to see their pensions. Some shit is simply bad for business.

Aaron Hernandez’ fiancee has been suing somebody for a good long time now. You’re sort of in a shitty position when you’ve staked your claim to a smiling tight end turned imprisoned murderer. That was not the WAG lifestyle you had intended for yourself and the pro athlete anchor baby you popped out. 

Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez claims that Hernandez’ advanced stage CTE, as explained best in the movie where Will Smith did a horrible accent, was the primary cause of his decision to hang himself in prison. Hernandez took his own life back in the pen shortly after being incredibly acquitted on double murder charges, and being reminded he still had a life sentence to go for a previous murder conviction. That has to be a let down. It’s worth noting that suicide rates in prison are fairly sky high and remain the leading cause of death for all prison inmates. Maybe they all played football.

At this point in the science, nobody’s going to doubt that CTE can fuck you up royally. Though it’s unclear how it related to early life bad tattoos and gang associations. It certainly can’t help your natural born shitty self-destructive and violent impulses, but it’s not as if Hernandez was flipping through the Book of Psalms over chamomile in the evening when the CTE caused him to slice up his neighbors with an axe. Dude was a cold and violent man. They tend to come to cold and violent conclusions. 

The NFL and the Patriots who she’s also suing should probably figure out a way to pay her enough to go away for good. She seems to be easing into this as her life’s work. 

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