Pamela Anderson’s Son Dresses Her

September 20, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

There are two reasons a grown son might dress his own mother. The first involve a series of limited but very popular category tabs on Xhamster. The second means you won’t be attending his wedding to a woman any time soon. 

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s 21-year old son, Brandon Thomas Lee, hit up Fashion Week in New York with topless male gusto. He’s a fashion model bearing a striking resemblance to every single 80’s British electronic pop keyboardist. According to Lee, without any hesitation, he’s been dressing his mom for years. Including veto power over her going-out wardrobe, which is pretty Commissioner level authority on your mom’s petticoats:

Sometimes she’ll have a stylist come over to the house . . . and right after they leave I’m like, ‘You’re not wearing any of that!’ I don’t care about the revealing stuff. I’m just like, ‘You’ve gotta change it.’ She listens to me.”

Not every son grows up to play football. Brandon Lee and his brother were sent away to Euro boarding school at any early age so Pam and Tommy could plow lots of people unfettered. Of course, you’re either born gay or you’re not. But think of Swiss boarding school for boys as an accelerant. 

Brandon Lee claims his mom is no longer into the 80’s bombshell looks. He’s guided her into classier styles in line with her current charity work and sex in the Ecuadorian embassy with Julian Assange. As for his father, Tommy Lee, Brandon considers him a fashion lone wolf who prefers not to take his son’s advice on how to dress. Odd that a father wouldn’t crave such phone calls. He’s probably known for a while. Your son talking Spring pleated trouser styles makes it harder to pretend.

The fact that both kids of these two hard living rock era pimps are both alive, sentient, and actually productive regardless of the nature of the work is fairly against all odds. You can probably thank the fancy far away schools for that. Growing up in Hollywood the son of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee would’ve probably been a drug and alcohol death sentence. Vibrant male model isn’t the worst thing that can happen to your sons. It’s up there, but not the worst.

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