Tom Brady And Ivanka Trump Were A Thing According To Anthony Scaramucci

September 25, 2017 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf | 0 Comments

When your boss lets you go what’s the best way to get back at him without enough solid evidence to form a defamation lawsuit against yourself? Spread rumors about his daughter being a slut. The scenario is a little more serious than a manager of Dominos Pizza firing a delivery driver. The boss in reference is leader of the free world Trump while the disgruntled employee fired is Scaramucci. But that hasn’t stopped “The Mooch” from loose lipping some talk about the president’s daughter’s panties possibly being on Tom Brady’s floor at one point. 

Mooch suggests Gisele may have been jealous of Ivanka Trump — saying he thinks Brady and Ivanka may have dated at one point in the past. In fact, back in 2004 … Donald praised Tom as a great guy who would make a “great combination” with Ivanka.

Tom Brady is arguably the GOAT when it comes to quarterbacks. He’s also great at getting his balls into any end zone he desires outside of any given Sunday. True playmaker. But it looks like he may have been the one sacking Ivanka Trump after her pass attempts. Skipping a visit to the White House seems sketchy coming from a celebrity or sports hero not kneeling during the national anthem. Maybe Tom’s situation between him and the First Daughter is all about first downs and a few inches. Either way he’s pretty tight lipped about his reasons. I’m more caught off guard as to how The Mooch knows which men paid visits to Ivanka Trump’s cooch. His official position wasn’t secret service. 

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